Deep Dive Into Data

How many adults continue enrollment at RI’s public postsecondary institutions each year?

Data on continuing enrollments are drawn from Rhode Island’s public postsecondary data warehouse and are based on enrollment data from the three public institutions of higher education. In addition to students who continued at the same institution, this number includes those who re-enrolled in postsecondary education after a period of stopping out, as well as those who attended more than one institution or transferred to another public institution.

Importantly, by comparing data from the current year to prior years, we can also identify students who did not continue in their studies, either because they “stopped-out” and later returned, or because they “dropped-out” altogether. Strategies to improve continuing enrollment and completion should reduce the total number of drop-outs, and also shorten or eliminate stop-out periods. Moreover, the ability to disaggregate by race/ethnicity, gender, income status, and age will enable us to ensure that we are implementing policies, programs, and services that support the success of all students.